Frequently Asked Questions

What is YayText?

YayText is a web-based tool that converts normal text into styled text using Unicode. There are over 60 different styles available on YayText, including: bold, italics, strikethrough, cursive, upside-down text, bubble text, and tiny text. YayText's font styles can be used in apps and on websites where text styling capabilities aren't readily available (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) by simply copying and pasting.

Who is YayText for?

YayText is a tool for anyone who wants to use styled text in a scenario where styled text is not normally possible. People on social media, brands, influencers, techies, artists, little old ladies, and boring normies from all over the world use YayText. If you can copy and paste, you can use YayText. Are you using YayText in interesting ways? We’d love to hear from you and learn about what you’re doing with it.

What is Unicode?

Unicode is a standard whose goal is to assign a number (also know as a character code) to every symbol in every human language. For example, the letter “a” is 97, the letter “ñ” is 241, and the symbol “π” is 960. Math symbols, emojis, and characters in hundreds of languages (Hebrew, Chinese, Urdu, etc.) all have characters codes assigned to them in the Unicode spec. In total, there are over 130,000 different Unicode symbols, with more being added every year.

YayText works by “mis-using” some of these Unicode characters. For example: the symbol ⓐ is intended to be used for bullet lists, not bubbly text. And, the symbol ʎ is part of the International Phonetic Alphabet, but YayText mis-uses it in the upside-down style, because it looks like an upside-down y.

What types of text styles can YayText generate?

YayText can generate over 60 font styles, including: bold, italics, strikethrough, bubble text, upside-down text, cursive, gothic, small caps, stacked text, superscript... and we add new styles all the time.

Why do some of the letters generated by YayText look like blanks, boxes, or question marks?

When an operating system, app, or font can’t render a specific unicode character, it will fallback to a replacement character. Replacement characters often look like boxes with question marks, boxes with letters inside, empty boxes, or diamonds with question marks. If you post something using a YayText style, it might look fine to you, but someone with an incompatible device might only see replacement characters.

What are some apps/websites where I can use YayText fonts?

You can use YayText pretty much anywhere you can paste text. This includes social media sites, comment threads, forums, docs, etc.

Does YayText work on mobile phones?

Yes, YayText is designed to work on mobile phones. If YayText’s styles don’t all render on a mobile device, this is due to the device not supporting the Unicode characters you are trying to use.

When should I NOT use YayText?

We suggest you don’t use YayText if you need 100% of your readers to be able to see the text you are writing properly. Keep in mind that the text generated by YayText will look different across various devices, apps, and operating systems. If you are willing to accept the fact that your text might not render well on all devices, have fun using YayText. If not, we suggest sticking to normal, non-YayText-styled text.

How do I undo styling made by YayText?

If you want to un-bold, un-italicize, or remove any other unicode font styling generated by YayText, use the unstyle page or check the YayText clipboard for the original unstyled text.

How do I use YayText's clipboard feature?

When you click the copy button next to text styled by YayText, that text is not only copied to your computer or phone’s clipboard, it’s also copied to the YayText Clipboard. The YayText clipboard keeps track of the last few text strings you’ve copied on YayText so you can refer to them later or re-copy them to your computer’s clipboard again at another time. Your copy and paste history is only stored locally in your browser, not on YayText’s servers.

What's the best way to contact the people who run YayText?

You can contact us by email (yaytext@gmail.com) or Facebook Messenger (http://m.me/yaytext).